Board Members

Suzan Leader, Internal Relations Chair

Oversees committees such as: Volunteers, Prizes, Communications, Programs, Website/Social Media, Security, Tickets and SAG. Create Event night Timeline and oversees the flow the event throughout the night. Is the coordinator of all security, event night security with campus secuity and securing priviate security and PG staff. The Internal Relations Chair coordinates printing of forms, flyers, and publications and email communications.

Larry Atkins, Operations Chair

This position oversees the following committees: Decorations, Construction and all their sub-committees, Entertainment, Cleanup, Food, and Volunteer Food. The Operations chair provides a notebook of vendors, vendor receipts/contract/cost and check requests. They provide event details for Amphi District and CDO facilities staff on Electrical needs, facility work orders, and equipment needed. Operations also keep an up-to-date spreadsheet for coordination items needed for event (chairs, tables, electricity, etc.). They are also responsible for creating the site map.

Betsy Leader, Public Relations Co-Chair

Leads all PR/ Marketing and fundraising activities to increase awareness and support of Project Grad. This chair also coordinates activities with the district and non-school community. (Oro Valley business Breakfast and Golf Tournament) They ser as liaison for CDO Project Grad for all District Project Grad events. Public Relations Chair also makes presentations about Project Graduation throughout the community, plans the VIP Tour before graduation for donors, school board members, and community leaders.


, Treasurer Chair

The Treasurer is responsible for checks and donations coming in and out. Keeping current and up to date financial records, verify checks that are written are matched against receipts received and filing taxes annually in July. Collection and distribution of mail from CDO and Post Office mailboxes, ensuring that all mail is processed and distributed accordingly. Organization and safe keeping of forms, receipts, statements, and distribution and tracking of all departments budgets. Getting documentation to accountant for taxes and uses Quickbooks.

Tammy Madden, Secretary Chair

Needs Shadow for 2017-2018 to take over in 2018-2019

Is responsible for taking minutes at all meetings, distributes minutes electronically for review, and maintain an archive of minutes. Maintain electronic files of: Steering Committee Description of Duties, CDO project grad by-Laws, Articles of Inc., and Committee Procedures. Assist with the "all-Chair" packet distribution in fall. Maintain electronic copies of current and past logos, letterhead, and forms. Ensure appropriate distribution of procedures through Event site, for night of the event for Changing room, Casino, Sterno, VIP tour, First Aid, and other needs.
Stearing Committee Chairs


, Business Breakfast Liaison

Kelly Dolan, Business Breakfast Co-chair

Represents CDO at the 3-school collaborative annual Project Graduation Business Breakfast event. This postion is required to attend meetings regarding the coordination of the event. Assists with all administrative preparations of the event. Assist with maintaining the donor database and issuing letters to all sponsors. Works with the Student Advisory committee to coordinate student volunteers to work the event.

Kim Flack, Center Pieces/Souvenir Chair

This committee designs and constructs table centerpieces in conjunction with the Design Chair. Position also coordinate the student's souvenirs for the event such as bags and glasses etc. which will also be placed on the tables! Chairmember is also responsible for keeping track and inventory of table cloth covers and runners for all tables.
, Communications Chair
Maintains email database. Provides each Committee Chair with a volunteer roster. Creates and distribute visually impactful email notices via Constant Contact. Assists the PR/Marketing and Social Media teams with website and social media maintenance. Sends out emails to volunteers for committees who need volunteers. (working with Constant Contact)
OPEN , Construction Chair Coordinates and oversees building and assembling of sets and setting up sets for event. Design lighting plan for the event, inside and outside. This position coordinates all electrical needs for the night of the event with the Operations Event Chair and Decorations Chair. You may also be asked to create sets or front entrance design and work you will work hand in hand with the Decorations Chairs.

, Costumes

Costumes is a vital part in making the theme litterally come to life! You plan, create or purchase simple theme related costumes for volunteers during the event. This position also coordinates and oversees sewing of costumes as needed.

Costumes you need to create for our volunteers are: casino workers, servers, registration, and normally 1-2 main characters for pictures at front entrance! This position will work hand in hand with the Decorations team. You may also have to find costumes for walk around charaters. You are also responsible for sending an inventory list of items purchased to the Decorations chair and getting your inventory to our storage room T bldg basement.

Jacqueline Broyles, Drapery Director Chair
Drapery chair coordinates the set up and take down of draperies to ensure proper handling and storage of all drapes. This position is also responsible for coordinating annual fire inspection. They plan cleaning day events (when needed), mending and all maintenance of all draperies.
OPEN , Cables & Lights Director Chair This position installs all the drapes for the event, working hand in hand with Drapery Director. Ceiling cables in the North gym and the casino also need to be installed. You also install all the ceiling lights and work hand in hand with the Operations chair to ensure there are no electrical issues with layout.

Jeanette Davis, Decorations Chair

Jennifer Seese, Decorations Co-Chair

Decorations Chair, oversees the decorations team in the development of overall site design, inside and outside. Coordinates with the Construction Committee and other Decorations sub-committees (costumes, centerpieces, bathroom decorations) for themed set development. Develops a schedule and budget for the decorations team. Coordinates resources for rented, borrowed, and donated materials with Operations Event Chair.

Also works with PR chair to coordinate donations from places like Lowes and Homedepot to cover costs of construction of sets and decorations.

, Decorations Co-Chair Outside

Outside Decorations is an extension of the party! This postion coordinates and facilitates decorations in collaboration with the Decorations committee and Construction committee.

This includes working hand in hand with the Decorations Chair to create the registration area, front entrance and the back basketball court, where the snack bars and vendors are set up.


Kynta Eagle, Entertainment Chair

, Entertainment Co-Chair

The Entertainment Chair is responsible for planning event night entertainment and activities. They develop an entertainment schedule.

The Entertainment Chair searches and contacts vendors for blow-ups, message, caricature artist, coffee, ice cream and head liner for Event night. Coordinates set up/break down during work week with clean up chair and event night.



Dorothy Pederson, Food Chair

, Food Co-Chair

Food Chair is responsible for planning the menu for event night. They arrange for preparation and delivery of all foods and beverages for the event. Coordinate and arrange for kitchen space and kitchen help at school site.

This chair is responsible for developing food service schedule and soliciting food donations. Food Chair also is responsible for training and preparing food volunteers. This position also works with the Student Advisory chair as they vote for the food type wanted by students.

OPEN , Volunteer Food Chair
Volunteer food provides food for volunteers during work week (May) Breakfast & lunhes. Arranges for food donations, preparation and delivery of all food and drinks.
OPEN , CDO Fundraising Chair

The fundraising chair is a huge part of what we do, without the support of our community, local and corporate businesses we can't do what we do.

This position is all about planning and creating fundraising activities for CDO families and our community. They participate in community fundraising and sponsor recruitment as part of the PR/Marketing team. This position assists with maintaining the donor database and making sure each committee are issuing thank you letters to all their donors/sponsors.


Nora Fritz, Golf Tournament Liaison

Golf Tournament Liaison Co-Chair

This position represents CDO at the 3-school collaborative annual Oro Valley Cup Golf Tournament. They are responsible for collecting donations for the tournament raffles and gifts. They recruit CDO families to participate and volunteer at the tournament. Assists with maintaining the donor database and issuing thank you letters to all sponsors.

This position also coordinates with our Student Advisory Chair for student volunteering for this event.

Joeli Secrest, Memory Lane Chair
Email: CDO.PG,


Mary Elder, Memory Lane Co-Chair

Memory Lane chair works with senior parents to request photo collages of students life that will be hung and personal letters for each graduate that will be placed at each students seat for the event.

You will need to arrange notification and collection of all submissions with Senior parents. You must be flexable (you will have last minute submissions the day of the event!).

This position does work with the Centerpieces/Table Decorations team to coordinate the placing of letters. During work week the Collage wall will need to put into place and filled with the submitted collages for display at the event.

Sandy Walden, Prizes


Annette Hillman , Prizes

Prize chair is responsible for securing enough prizes so that minimum of 50% of the seniors attending will receive a prize. Develops a Grads "Wish List" for prize donations. Prepare displays and sort prizes for distribution at the Event. Fills out Donation forms for each prize, make photocopy for the committee. Generates and tracks thank you letters to families and community donors.

Price committee will pre-print Grand Prize Tickets for every guest eligible to graduate. Create and print one set of “business card” raffle tickets with guests’ names ahead of time. They also create the decorations for their corner, prize display area and table.

Jacqueline Broyles, Programs Chair

Program chair is responsible for design layout and collecting content for the event program. You need to have and know how to use "Publisher". The previous chair has all of the layouts created! All you have to do is fill them in with the new years information!

Facilitates print production of program in collaboration with the Internal Event Chair. Works with the website/social media team (or Decorations Chair) to get the program cover design, current logo, and named map. You will also work with the PR chair to ensure all of the donors & sponsors are listed in the program.

, Restroom Decor This position is all about decorations!!! You might not think about it but even our restrooms get into the party. Both the girls and the boys restroom interiors need to be decked out and dressed up for the party go crazy have fun with it. (A great tool is to look through the gallery of past restrooms, the African Safari bathrooms were fabulous!) Done in May!
OPEN , Set Up/Break Down
-Registration Chair
(9:30 PM Break Down)
This position is all about organization. We need help with getting people coordinated with the set up and break down of decorations, sets, tables, and everything in between. You work with the Decorations chair in disassembling the registration area, front fence, and Entrance to the event. These items then have to be placed back into their correct storage places of T-Bldg basement and North Campus. You need to arrange transportation for these items. It is helpful if you are at the Sunday work week set up in May so you can see how everything goes up so you know how it comes down.
OPEN , Set Up/Break Down
-Midway Chair
(3:00 AM Break Down )
This position is all about organization. We need help with getting people coordinated with the set up and break down of decorations, sets, tables, and everything in between. You work with the Decorations chair in disassembling the Basketball court. All of the 4’x8’ panels have to transported back to the T=Bldg basement. All decorations must be taken down and also placed in the basement. You must arrange transportation to transport panels and decorations
OPEN , Set Up/Break Down -Kitchen Chair
(5:30 AM Break Down )
Organize volunteers to clean dishes, pack dishes and ensure they are returned to storage in the T-Bldg basement. You will work the Food Chair.


, Set Up/Break Down-
N. Gym Chair
(5:30 AM Break Down )

This position is all about organization. We need help with getting people coordinated with the set up and break down of decorations, sets, tables, and everything in between. You will work with the Decorations chair. This position is crucial, it coordinates the breakdown of props, decorations, all supplies and ensures they are being stored in the correct place and being protected from damage (As we reuse and save all that we can to be used for future events). You will help guide the volunteers on how to take things down, where things go and how they are to be put away.





, Student Advisory Chair Email:

Brandi Duarte,
Student Advisory Co-Chair

This position is really interacting with the Seniors. Seniors have the opportunity to get involved in the events creation by signing up for the Student Advisory Group (SAG). In this position you develop a marketing strategy for Project Graduation to the students: Create excitement while maintaining some secrecy and anticipation. This position also coordinates student’s assemblies for things like theme announcement. Set up theme voting at CDO registration and also the counting of the ballots. They supervise Student Advisory group for lunchtime meetings, community events and at assemblies. This position also has the privilege of coordinating the Dancing Dorados (teacher voluteer choreographed dance)!!

Stephanie Greenough, Transportation Co-Chair


Jim Greenough, Transportation Co-Chair

This position works one on one with the Operations chair. You work to coordinate trucks, trailers, volunteers and drivers for work week. These are needed to ensure that items of Decorations are transported to the North Gym in a timely manner.

You will also need to coordinate with all the Clean up Chairs to coordinate transportation of breakdown items back to North Campus and T bldg basement. This position also ensures pick up and delivery of rented and borrowed items.

Lorraine Robles, Tickets Chair

Susana Valenzuela, Tickets Shadow

Ana Romero, Tickets Co-Chair

The ticket chair/committee is responsible for planning and promoting the sales of tickets and table reservations for the event night. Develope the Senior database for tracking reservations and purchase of tickets. They are responsible for maintaining the master guest list for the event security. They organize bag-check during graduation rehearsal with Internal Relations Chair.

They also need to ensure committees such as Social Media, and Prizes have the information they may need such as student contact info and number of tickets sold.


Beth Lake, Volunteers Chair

Pam Xeele, Volunteers Co-Chair

The Volunteer Chairs create and maintain online volunteer schedule for work week, event night and clean up. Assists with collection data during CDO registration. Assists the Event chairs with recruitment for open Chair positions. Email Volunteer Orientation information and shift reminders to scheduled volunteers. Set up online volunteer schedule for additional Project Grad volunteer recruitment efforts and managing volunteers for work week and event night.
OPEN , Volunteer Recruitment Chair
This position coordinates CDO registration table to introduce parents to Project Graduation. Plans volunteer recruitment social during CDO Open House. They also assist with volunteer database, contact potential volunteers interested in chair positions. This position finds the right fit for volunteers for either a Committee Chair position or helping a committee.
Jeanette Davis , Website/Social Media

This position is responsible for maintianing the website with correct and current information (Dreamweaver MX & Photoshop). Keeping the CDO Project Grad Facebook page active and exciting to get information out and get people interested in what we are doing. (The facebook page is linked to our Twitter account so nothing needs to be done with Twitter. Whatever we post on FB is automatically posted onto our twitter page).

This position is a creative position, you will also create the artwork for the cover of the programs, themed banner, current years logo, and T-shirt design working in conjuntion with the Decorations Chair!