The 2017, 15th annual Project Graduation Business Breakfast is held with the intention of getting people and business large and small interested in helping and donating to the cause.

Project Graduation, which was spearheaded by Oro Valley Council woman Mary Snider, is an event that is held each year, at each high school the night of graduation. The intention of the event is to give the students one last night together in a fun and safe environment.

During this breakfast, numerous former students, school and public officials speak about why they feel project graduation is so important.

In 2013, one of those was Oro Valley Mayor Satish Hiremath, who is especially close to the project, seeing as his son was graduating high school in 2014. He spoke during the event not as a mayor, but “as the most important role in my life – as a father.”

Each year, parents, teachers, staff, and the businesses in the community come together to create the exciting and drug- and alcohol-free evening. Ticket sales for the events cover about half of the expenses for the Grad Night events. Project Graduation asks businesses large and small each year to partner with them to ensure the continuation of this program.

Lauren Dobbin, who is a senior at Canyon Del Oro High School, wrote an article for Bear Essential News for Kids while she attended Copper Creek Elementary School. The article explained why she felt it was an important element to the community and also how she was personally looking forward to attending once she became a senior.

“I cannot tell you how excited I am to be a senior and to finally experience Project Graduation. I can’t wait to see the surprises the parents have been planning for us all year"




Project Graduation Chairpersons:

Amphitheater: Marian Johnson
Canyon Del Oro: Susan Leader
Ironwood Ridge: Joyce Contrades

Project Graduation Business Breakfast is held & hosted by:

El Conquistador Golf & Tennis Resort

November 17th , 2017
at 8:00 AM